“You are not alone”: how Foundation helps orphans in Uzbekistan

The founder of Islam Karimov Foundation, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, founded the organization “You are not alone” in 2002 (Sen Yolg’iz Emassan). This organization is actively involved in charitable activities aimed at helping socially vulnerable groups of the population, namely orphans. Already in the first year of its foundation, this project conducted a detailed analysis of all the Houses of Mercy in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Today, the organization successfully fulfills its charitable mission to provide the most vulnerable groups of people with the necessary assistance.

Activities and Directions of “You are not alone”

Mrs. Karimova-Tillyaeva together with her husband Timur Tillyaev continues to finance the support of the Houses of Mercy to this day. Therefore, such actions as:

  • purchase of books, office equipment, and necessary literature
  • overhauls of orphanages
  • develops and promotes programs which help children to get social guarantees and medical help

One of the most important activities of the foundation are legitimate interests of children and provide in their intellectual, creative and physical development.

Independent Foundation “You are not alone”  returns faith in good for defenseless children. For today, more than 2200 children are under the guardianship of Houses of Mercy, and from year to year, the organization is doing everything to change their lives for the better.

This fund also provides social, medical, material and educational assistance for children from low-income groups of the population.

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