Meet MARAN Projekt GmbH as a deliverer of bar equipment

Now MARAN Projekt GmbH is a successful implementer and reliable supplier of commercial equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes and other establishments. The company will provide you with a steady supply of material for the most reliable quality at an affordable price. Undoubtedly, the success of an institution also depends on the professionalism of the workers, that is, bartenders and cooks, as well as on the balance of their work. However, with our equipment, quality already assured. You can visit our site, find and choose one of our equipment in English or barausrüstung  in German.

On the site, you can find detailed information about the products, as well as read the description, specifications, find prices for bar equipment and other conditions. You can also contact our managers – call us 24 hours a day, day or night.

Equipment can be delivered throughout Europe.

As the company is an authorized dealer, it provides professional equipment design, as well as turnkey delivery and assembly.

We supply equipment from Electrolux, which sold on the world market and is very well known and demanded for a long time.

Electrolux products meet the most stringent standards and they are used for cooking, cooling and more.

Essential features are also safety, performance, ergonomics, and ease of use.

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