Best tips to find the best Tig Welder

A person who works as a welder, or simply has quite a wide experience in handling welding machines will easily choose the necessary unit. An experienced master already knows what characteristics the appropriate equipment should possess. A newbie may be confused in front of a variety of models on the market.
The range is huge. It’s quite difficult to buy the best option since the choice will be between lots of models. You can choose an expensive branded model or relatively cheap, made in China. Search the info you need at protoolsadviser and get the best advice.
The average weight of the Tig Welder is about 6 – 10 kilograms, the transformer is 30 kg, and the rectifier is 20 kg. The pricing policy is also very similar. An inverter is 2 to 3 times more expensive than a rectifier and 5 to 6 times a transformer.

Tig Welder’s advantages and tips
Why precisely Tig Welders? The advantages are clear (small dimensions and weight). It has ease of operation, high performance, and excellent quality of the weld, the ability to connect any metal and work with the low input voltage. These are the main benefits. Tig Welder is choice number one! It is conditionally possible to divide all inverter devices into professional, household and semi-professional.
The power consumption of Tig Welders is much greater than that of a light bulb or a microwave oven. So before turning it on, be sure to check its condition, as well as the health of all wires. It is necessary to turn off the device first, and only then remove the cord from the network. Sharp voltage drop is very harmful to electrical appliances. Now, many modern inverter welding machines can boil other metals, such as stainless steel or cast iron. Some of them can support argon arc welding (TIG).

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